Thursday 19 November 2015

Naked wedding cakes at Kristy's Bakery Swansea

Don't worry, there's nothing rude about these cakes!

The reason these wedding cakes go by the nickname 'nude' or 'naked' is because they forego the traditional Royal icing, frosting or chocolate coating. And without that, the cake is essentially nude.

One of our lovely creations!
That's not to say they lack any visual impact - in fact these cakes tend to produce some of the biggest 'wow' factors around.

For this reason they are hugely popular with our customers (and even celebrities), and are a stunning addition to any wedding.

The nude cakes we make at Kristy's Bakery are beautifully rustic, colourful and unique, with our renown delicious flavour. We decorate the cakes with a variety of fruits, berries and sugars, and will match these with the colour scheme you are going for at your wedding.

The best news for customers is that by going nude it's a more cost effective way to enjoy a wedding cake. To chat about what we can do to make your big day extra special visit our shop on Eversley Road, Swansea, or call us on 01792 201479.