Tuesday 10 March 2015

From Arrabiata to Pizzaiola: Fresh Italian sauces at Kristy's

The bakery's owner Antonio has worked in all areas of the hospitality trade, from waiter to chef to baker (obviously!), from Italy to Swansea to Canada.

As a chef he worked in several restaurants across the county, cooking authentic Italian food for hungry customers. His last chef's position was in the famous San Carlo restaurant in Birmingham in the mid-nineties.

After returning to Swansea and taking over the bakery in 1995 he turned his attention to breads and cakes. However a few years ago he decided to introduce a couple of his traditional Italian sauces into the bakery and they became very popular.

A batch of Messinese Sauce being prepared.

Based on family recipes, every few weeks Antonio makes a small batch of his sauces, using fresh ingredients. He then jars them up and sells them in the shop, which our customers enjoy using on pasta, meat and in vegetable dishes.

At the moment there are three varieties on sale. First we have our home made Pizzaiola - an authentic Italian sauce combining the flavours of tomato, olives, garlic, chilli and capers. This was our first sauce and is probably the most popular.

We then have our spicy Arrabiata, which is a classic Italian tomato sauce with a good kick as it's made with fresh, hot chilli peppers.

And finally there's our home made Messinese - a delicious typical Sicilian sauce, made with tomatoes, garlic and fresh aubergine.

The jars are always on sale in the shop, although not every variety is available every week. Also Antonio sometimes makes a few different 'limited edition' varieties, so it's worth following us on Twitter or Facebook as we'll announce them on there.

And remember if you bring back your empty sauce jar for recycling, you'll get a 20p refund.

You can order a jar of sauce by calling 01792 201479 or popping into the bakery on Eversley Road, Sketty.


  1. From Arrabiata to Pizzaiola: Fresh Italian sauces at Kristy's, perfect and the spiciest sauces are used. I will try this real soon and will share my experience too.

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